Monday, February 23, 2009

Bee Inspired!

I've been picked to participate in a International Quilting Bee called "Bee inspired." I'm really excited. How this "bee" works is that there are 18 members, with each member assigned to a month. On each person's assigned month, they send fabric to all the other members with instructions for what type of 12.5x12.5 inch quilt square they would like. Upon receiving the fabric, I make that quilt square, and send it back, and they piece together the 17 received blocks into one quilt top. My month is going to be either September or October. I'm going to have to decide what I want my quilt to look like, and what fabrics I want it made from. This "bee" is international, and some of the participants are from Norway, Germany, and New Zealand. I think it's going to be really fun, and I hope to learn some new techniques along the way. I'm going to place the above "button" on my side bar. You can follow our progress along the way by clicking the button to look at our Flickr photo group.


Natasha said...

It's going to be lots of fun! Have you thought want you want to make yet. I just can'T make up my mind!

rachel griffith said...

i'm SO glad you are apart of our group!!!